Monday, June 28, 2010

So Long and Good Luck, John Anderson

Left, Micah Roderick; Right, John Anderson

Movie Geeks Club:

John Anderson, the idea man behind the Movie Geeks Club and co-founder has left Springfield today, with his wife Aubrey, to start a new life in Richmond, VA. The idea of a movie club was conceived about 4 years ago when John and I began looking for more creative endeavors after getting our television show up and running. John pressed on with the idea and finally made contact with the guys at Capital Bar and Grill who had just recently renovated the old theater next door.

We held our inagural Movie Geeks Club with Run Lola Run on January 30, 2007. Since then, we have shown films that range all time periods and genres. Some good, most great. John and I never knew where this "Club" was going when we started but we knew we weren't going to quit until we were asked.

I will continue to try to provide the same caliber of films that were shown in the John Anderson era but I have also brought in some help from a long time Movie Geek, Bart Rogers. He will assist in nominating films and other duties as not assigned.

John will be greatly missed in Springfield but I'm sure Richmond will gain something interesting and fun. We just don't know what that will be yet. I can say this, I'm glad John left us the Movie Geeks Club for all of Springfield to enjoy.

Good Luck John and Aubrey!

On behalf of all the Movie Geeks in Springfield, you will be missed.



John said...

Thanks Micah! I'm sure you'll carry the mantle with honor. I never thought of the club as "mine." I always thought of it as "ours." And I'm so glad you're going to continue to do it. Springfield desperately needs a club like Movie Geeks.

Aubrey said...

Thanks, Micah. That was just lovely.