Monday, February 25, 2008

If You Love the Sound of an Angry German . . .

then you'll love these clips of legendary actor Klaus Kinski throwing tantrums both on and off the sets of movies. Most of these clips were recorded by film director Werner Herzog, who collaborated with Kinski on five films. In 1999, Herzog released the documentary My Best Fiend, which detailed the difficult relationship between him and Kinski.

There were numerous occasions during their relationship where they became violent toward one another. One famous story holds that Herzog held Kinski at gunpoint and required him to stay on set. Another famous story tells of the South American natives working on the set of Fitzcarraldo offering to murder Kinski for Herzog because he was a troubled and problematic person for them to deal with.

Enjoy these clips. Then vote for the March movie at the right.

From Fitzcarraldo. A "mild" argument about the catering.

Kinski on his Jesus tour. Herzog claims Kinski finished this right before he came to the set of Aguirre and expected everyone to treat him like Jesus.

In this scene, Herzog explains the murder offer made by the natives, and how he regretted his decision to prevent them.

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